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Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis (Stevens-Johnson Syndrome)

Yesterday, I was contacted by an old friend who had a very sick patient with TEN or S-J Syndrome. I have been meaning to write about a new finding in this regard that was published in June ( McClusky et al. Nature 486:554, ’12; Reinherz Nature 486: 479, ’12-Commentary). The McClusky group from Australia showed […]

The HIV/AIDS Dilemma

I am often asked why HIV/AIDS is such a problem and why there isn’t a vaccine or even a cure in sight after 30+ years of the epidemic. The simple answer regarding a preventative vaccine is that although it is fairly simple to generate a vaccine using the wonders of modern genetic engineering, it is […]

Doctor “Burnout”

The NYTs had a very timely article on Thursday about this issue, which is destined to get worse rather than better as the Affordable Care Act is instituted. See: “The Widespread Problem of Doctor Burnout” by Pauline Chen, August 23,2012, NYT. The only thing that I can add to this comprehensive analysis of the problem […]

“The Emperor of All Maladies”

I recently read this new book, by Siddhartha Mukherjee, which came out in 2010 amid acclaims from just about everyone that it was the best book of the year, and a winner of the Pulitzer Prize. The book is subtitled as “a biography of cancer”, but I found it to be rather a biography of […]